5 ways to avoid Summer Weight Gain



You’re one of not so many New Year’s resolutioners who made it this far—summer!


You’ve worked hard on your summer body for the past six months, and you’ve made some great progress. You’re fucking proud of yourself—you should be! But you’re also freaking out! Why?


Because even though you’re excited for summer, you’re also scared.


You’re afraid your summer vacation will wreck your progress. More often than not, I hear the same words from my girls: “I’m afraid I’ll gain everything back.”


That’s where I step in as a Wonder Woman version of a coach, sharing my sharp insights and shooting some knowledge bombs at them. Once the downpour of wisdom ends, we both leave happy and carry on.



But what if you don’t have anyone to ask or to share your fears with? Who do you reach out to?  Dr. Google?


Well, I already did for you. You can thank me later.


What popped up was, frankly, frustrating. Websites, articles, and blog posts kept telling me if I wanted to avoid dreaded summer weight gain, I needed to skip ice cream, burgers, BBQ, beer, and my favorite Starbucks Strawberry Refresher…


Now, let me ask you:

– Do you want to continue dieting all summer long?

– Do you want to feel anxious about your food choices?

– Is this the price you want to pay to keep your progress steady?

I hope you said big n’ thick FUCK NO.

I have a better solution for you.


Here are five MUST DO rules that will help you enjoy the summer while preventing weight gain:


#1. Water load.

Repeat after me: “Drinking water is crucial for fat loss. Drink a glass 30 minutes before each meal.” You’ve heard it. You get it. You say, “Forget it. I don’t have time to track precisely 30 minutes before each freaking meal.” Me either.
So what do you do instead?


Have one glass right before each meal and up to two glasses during. The second you sit down and grab your fork, put it down, and reach for a glass of water instead. Chug it down, and get a refill. If you do, I can guarantee you’ll leave at least a quarter of the meal on your plate. You’ll still be able to enjoy a burger with fries, but, with the water load, you’ll eat just ¾ of each. You’ll enjoy the meal guilt free.


#2.Move 15-20 minutes.

No matter where you go—Alaska or Hawaii, Siberia or Costa Rica—you can dedicate 15-20 minutes to move your body in a way similar to strength training


Don’t have a gym at a resort? Do Body Weight (BW) exercises.  Limited equipment options? A combo of BW with whatever you have on handy will do. Don’t feel like doing strength training? Do yoga at least.


“Why bother?” you might think. “I won’t build muscles! “


Bingo! You won’t.


But you will maintain those you have. You also will maintain a habit of working out. It will be much easier to get back to the routine once you’re back. (lost as to what exercises you could do? Follow me my IG summer series for ideas.)


#3. Explore.

Sometimes, all you want is to chill on a beach with a glass of Pina Colada, enjoy the fresh breeze of the ocean, and observe half-naked surfers doing their thing. I dig it.  Sometimes you don’t even want to move, never mind doing more cardio.



I don’t know a single person who wants to take cardio classes while vacationing. Do you? Instead, you can explore by hiking, cycling, walking, kayaking, etc.—making your vacation sweaty, memorable and adventurous. Bam.


#4. Be like Popeye.

Eat your spinach (or other veggies). It’s easier to do so in the summer because of the abundance of greens, and we often crave something lighter when it’s hot. Vegetables pack a fuckload of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we lack during winter. You’re taking a vacation from work to give your brain a bit of a break, right? Why not give your whole body a boost of nutrient-packed love too!?




#5. Go sugar-free, zero, or diet.

I drink around two gallons of water a day. This fuck load of water forces me to pee every twenty minutes. Talk about thug life.


When hot and sticky weather comes around, I feel like a newborn, sucking on a bottle non-stop, so I try to “spice it up.” I usually choose Diet Coke (or my favorite, Sprite Zero) or flavored seltzer. All of these, btw, are great with any vodka-, whisky-, and/or rum-based kind of drink. You can drink away without worrying much about sugar. And no, none of these drinks will kill you. As far as I’m aware, I’m still kicking.


Wish you had a cheat sheet on your phone?

Here is an Infographic version of this article, aka a Beat Summer Weight Gain cheat sheet.

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