The Most Popular Articles of 2017.

In a true Fitness Pro fashion, I’d like to reflect on the 2017 year in a bitcoin web traffic currency. To be fair, I started Shameless Strength Academy late n 2016. But I kinda sorta abandoned it for a bit, until May this year. During that time,  I got an accountability buddy and he threatened with my life to post once a week no matter what.

Fast forward six months, I’ve got 38 blog posts, 12K visitors, and 1000+ Instagram posts.. I’m famous y’all..

In the last six months, I’ve accomplished two things. A) I fell in love with writing. B) helped way more people then I would have if I didn’t start writing and creating Infographics.

That said here are 5 most traffic-ey articles of 2017.



The one that won by a click.

Apparently, people care about tuna salads way more than deadlifts.

The best healthy tuna salad ever made. 

best tuna salad ever



The one where I state that peanut butter and apples are preventing you from losing anywhere between 10 to 15 lbs. Pretty bold of me, eh?

How healthy food can prevent you from losing 13lbs a year. 

healthy food


The one where I believe that eating an egg a day can kill you. JK, you’ll be fine. Take a look why

How an egg a day can kill you. Or not.


THE ALMOST WINNER IS (or the 2nd place)…

The one where I share with you a study that supports spot reduction myth and exercises that can help you achieve tone looks in your arms.

Spot reduction works. Tone your arms the right way. 

spot reduction works


The one where I share with you 4 common mindset traps EVERY woman falls into the moment she discovers strength training. Are you making same mistakes too?

Did You Get Trapped? Learn 4 Mindset Traps Every Woman Falls Into When Starting Strength Training

4 common mindset traps

And because I can, I’d like to say THANK YOU for reading, sharing, and liking. I hope you find the information helpful and useful! That’s the reason the Academy exists and was created in the first place. Happy New Year!


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metabolic blast





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