The story of a mind-blowing body and soul transformation

My clients are awesome:

They work hard.

They show dedication.

They appreciate their bodies and the changes that are happening to them.

They are fearless unicorns who dive deep into the ocean of self discoveries that strength training provides.

They support each other, they have fun on the fitness floor, and they curse me and tell me they hate me with every tough exercise. Isn’t it called love?



Each of my girls has a unique story. I asked one of them to share hers.

Meet Katie—a 23-year-old go-getter. She has two lovely cats, a bicycle and she likes deadlifts. During our first meeting, Katie told me she had a routine already and just wanted to learn the correct form of exercises. After learning that the routine mostly consisted of jumping around and eating grass like a bunny she found via Instagram, I gently suggested switching course. The results? Get ya popcorn ready, she’s gonna tell you her story.


The first time I heard of her, I was scrolling aimlessly through Instagram. She has tiny legs and a tiny nose and a bouncy ponytail, and she promised to help me become my healthiest, fittest self. After reading the “real” reviews and carefully scrutinizing the before and after photos, I shelled out the $20 monthly subscription fee to start using her fitness app. This fitness guru, who doesn’t need to be named, uses her app and books to provide women all over the world with a diet and workout plan that will totally transform their lives! Except it didn’t. Not for me.

Before picture. Late fall of 2016.

The prancing around the gym, performing exercises without oversight (and, thus, incorrectly), helped me lose at most ten pounds in six months. The diet plan it came with failed to address my macronutrient needs and focused solely on keeping calories low. I abandoned the diet almost immediately, but stuck with the workouts for months on end. I spent days upon days sweating at the gym,  thinking, “Shouldn’t I be seeing more progress?”

The cardio-based, HIIT-style workouts could only get me so far. After a several-month-long hiatus from following any kind of dietary or exercise plan, I jumped back in feet first with a personal trainer at my new gym. The first time I met with Lana, I told her about my previous fitness guide, the Instagram star. Lana gently laughed and said, “Let’s try something different,” and I never looked back.

There is this idea that women who want to get leaner should not pick up anything that weighs more than ten pounds, for fear of unintentionally gaining gigantic Hulk-like muscles. I have been strength training at least three times a week for the last seven months and I have lost 30 pounds. For the most part, I still eat whatever I want while keeping an eye on portions and ensuring my macros stay consistent.

After picture. June’17

Picking up heavy things has transformed the way I see my own body. Where I used to see “chubby” I now see strong. My big butt helped me deadlift 225 pounds, and there was no way I could resent it after that. I look forward to the gym now. Instead of monotonous, repetitive workouts, each circuit presents new challenges. Every week I have the chance to outdo my own PRs over and over.

Congrats to @ktcampisi for deadlifting 225lbs today! She’s been working hard and it shows! Well done Katie!#strongeveryday

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We should not be afraid of strength training. We should be running head first at it, demanding it, to help us learn how to love and appreciate how strong our bodies are.


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