How to build a BIG Tush in less than 15 minutes

If there is only one good thing Kim Kardashian has done, it’s bringing lush las pompas back into fashion.

I remember a time when girls wanted to workout to make their hips smaller and thigh gaps the size of small watermelons. These days, their goal is to break said melon with Thunder Thighs.



Nowadays, my clients send me texts with pictures of their desired rear ends. Not going to lie, I’ve considered switching professions and becoming a plastic surgeon. The idea of living in Hawaii has always been appealing to me.

How do you build a Kardashian-like butt without getting under a knife? Is there a way?

Sure is.

And no, I won’t be preaching powerlifting to the rescue. Sure, powerlifting helped me develop good-looking glutes, but if it weren’t for accessory work (everything else besides heavy lifting), I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am right now in both my butt and deadlift development. (Watch me deadlift 300lbs)

While I deadlift and squat with my clients, not all of them, like me, have a few screws loose. Only a small percentage of my girls do heavy squats and deadlifts. Did the shape of their bottoms improve? You bet your… well, rear end.

If there is a way to grow nice apples without heavy lifting, what is it, LANA!?

Glad you asked, because today I’m sharing with you a butt-specific workout that you can do anywhere. But (pun totally intended), there is one caveat. To get the best results you’ll need one thing: a resistance band

If you were to invest in one piece of equipment, a mini resistance bands is a MUST. They’re portable because of their size and weight. They’re extremely versatile. There are a bunch of exercises you can do with them if you’re on vacation or if you’re stuck at home with your kids.

Today’s butt workout will include a mini band, but if you don’t have one, it’s totally cool. You’ll do just fine with your own body weight. The best part about this workout? It takes 15 minutes of your time, max!




Glute bridges w/ band x15

One-legged glute bridges w/ band x15

Hip thrusts, narrow stance, knees out x15

Frog glute bridges X15

Repeat 3-4 times with 30-45 second break in between sets.


And if you’d like to build really strong butt action, I’d recommend following the Glute Guy himself – Bret Contreras.

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