2017 – A Year in Review. 37 reasons it was a helluva good one.

Back home New Year’s eve is like Christmas eve in the United States. And It’s my favorite holiday. The whole family gathers together, children await gifts from Ded Moroz (Russian version of Santa.), and adults celebrate thru the night. So much so the first of January is technically nonexistent for many.

Maybe it’s because there’s a belief that technically means how you ring in the New Year is how the whole year goes. Last year’s celebrations were a blur for me, but my friends and I had fun for sure. I don’t quite remember much, but I know that the celebrations went more than well, because 2017 rocked.

Here are 20 n’ 17 reasons why:  


  1. I went to Ohio to attend Arnold’s Sports Festival.
  2. And saw some strong ass people lift some heavy ass weights. It was an amazing experience to see people thatI’ve been following for a long time do their thing in real life.
  3. I’ve met some awesome elite powerlifters I’ve been following for YEARS in person.
  4. I’ve traveled by myself three times this year. It turned out to be fine and I’ve met some amazing people along the way.
  5. I’ve attended 6 workshops that were taking a day or more. Learned so much cool stuff, and met some awesome people
  6. I went to Kansas City and ate some awesome BBQ,
  7.  where I also attended the Fitness Summit. There I made some new friends and met in person people who have made a huge impact on me as a coach.
  8. I began to write on a consistent basis and now have 39 articles. (This one is #40)
  9. I’ve never achieved my goal of reading/listening to 4 books a month. I had a great start all the way until March and then realized I wasn’t actually reading or listening. I was in a race and was doing so for the sake of completion. So I stopped racing.
  10. I’ve traveled to Philly by car, and will never drive there again. (my friends and I stuck in traffic for 8 hrs. it was horrible)
  11. I changed my deadlift stance, 
  12. and finally pulled 300lbs!
  13. And then I pulled 315lb and it looked like a knife on a butter.
  14. I’ve competed with a  purpose.
  15. Where I finally hit 115lbs bench.
  16. and squatted 250lbs.
  17. I wrote a guest blog post for Tony Gentilcore. The dream came true.
  18. And the post scored first place in the strength training category at PTDC. 
  19.  I wrote my first, free ebook. (You should check it out)
  20. My car was possessed for the first time in my life. Lesson learned.
  21. I’ve reduced my Credit Card Debt by 30%. Almost there.
  22. I’ve witnessed about 200 sunrises, which are my favorite thing in the world.
  23. Altho, I never achieved the goal of reading 52 books,  I’ve come across some awesome ones. My favorite of them all is “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” by Dan Millman
  24. I quit my workplace, but not my job.
  25. I’ve introduced strength training to 19 women and I want this number to grow.
  26. I’ve met 5 new puppies and took care of them for a little bit.
  27. I traveled from Dannis to Truro by bike, and likely won’t be doing that again. Ever.
  28. I broke my addiction to Starbucks and now exclusively go there to write or if I’ve got a gift card.
  29. I’ve discovered some amazing podcasts. Some of my favorites are – “Nasty Woman Radio“, “Over it and On with it“, “Steal the show,” “The Strength House Podcast.
  30. After some observations, I’ve learned that my body lives in accordance with the moon cycle, which sorta makes me a witch (jk jk.. But srsly).
  31. I rediscovered the joy of taking a bath,
  32. and fell In love with lighting candles.
  33. I ‘ve began a gratitude journal.
  34. I’ve added three new states I’ve been to on my USA travel map – Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ohio.
  35. I’ve created new habits that help me be more productive. Like writing the first thing in the morning for 30 min.
  36. I’ve changed my hair cut and now I have short-ish hair, and I LOVE it.
  37. For the first time in my life, I’ve stopped and I reflected on the entire year.

As you can see, it was a pretty amazing year.  It wouldn’t bean so without you, my dear reader. Thank you so much for your time. Let’s kick some ass in 2018!

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